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Carr. #2, Km 139.4

Aguada, PR


Carr. #10, Km 80.6

Bo. Hato Viejo

Arecibo, PR


PR-152, Km 1.0

Bo. Quebrada

Barranquitas, PR

Cabo Rojo

PR-103, Km 0.6

Bo. Bajuras

Cabo Rojo, PR


Carr. #156, Km 5.6

Bo. Las Carolinas

Caguas, PR


PR-887, Km 0.4

Bo. Martín González

Urb. Julio N. Matos

Carolina, PR


Carr. #979

Bo. Machos

Ceiba, PR


Carr. #198, Km 26.6

Bo. Mabú

Humacao, PR


Carr. #6685, Km 6.0

Bo. Arriba Saliente

Manatí, PR


PR-1, Km 122.4

Bo. Vallas Torres


Ponce, PR


Carr. #1, Km 83.4

Bo. Sabana Llana

Salinas, PR


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Costa Dorada II

Estancias de Evelymar

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PR-3 Humacao

PR-948 Humacao

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Puerto Rico Asphalt established on April 12th 1991, originated with the importation and sale of liquid asphalt to some of the leading asphalt manufacturers in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Asphalt today is the leading manufacturer of asphalt pavement in Puerto Rico. PRA is dedicated to providing material quality and customer satisfaction. As an asphalt paving company, PRA specializes in commercial, industrial, and municipal paving.

We are a Puerto Rico licensed contractor, fully bonded insured, and prequalified by the department of transportation, DTOP. Our asphalt paving company is committed to using the most up-to-date equipment that gives our well-trained crewmembers the capability to pave roads, parking lots, and highways with the highest quality materials available.


Construction installation of new asphalt and damaged asphalt repairs is one of our specialties. For a new construction pavement job to be done right, you need to have the right equipment, proper materials, and expertise.

At Puerto Rico Asphalt, we believe no one does new asphalt construction better.

Beginning with our grading crews who will prepare your new construction site by balancing the subgrade and finish grading the aggregate base. This is essential for the proper results and longevity of the asphalt pavement.

Our mainline paving crews will successfully handle small, light traffic parking lots to heavy duty truck terminals where the traffic specs require deep-strength paving.

Why subcontract with us?

  • Our sub-contractors can count on a reliable team of industry engineers.

  • Our technology is not only up to date; we lead the industry with the latest developments in manufacturing and quality control.

  • We offer certified laboratories that comply with DTOP regulations.

  • We provide testing and quality control on each project, throughout the process, and on daily asphalt dispatching.

  • Pavement testing provided to assure long-lasting asphalt road surface.

  • Execute high-quality asphalt manufacturing and pavement services.

  • Provide quality control throughout the process.

  • Complete timely construction work.

Our Objective


  • By providing an assessment of your project from an expert point of view.

  • Offering accurate recommendations based on current conditions of your sub-base and pavement needs.

  • Deliver reliable project assessments and quotes.

  • Endorse laboratory testing that can be adapted to your level of needs.

Head Office

Carolina Commercial Park

Suite C-4

PR-887 Km 0.4

Carolina, P.R. 00985

Tel: (787) 710-2525